The president from down under: Meet ISFiT19s Australian president, Tyler Stewart

NTNU is becoming increasingly popular amongst international students, and some of them are also volunteering in student organizations. Tyler Stewart is one of them. Through his years in Trondheim he has volunteered at almost everything that Trondheim has to offer, from being a barista at Samfundet to rigging at the summer festival Pstereo. Since march 2017 he has been working with ISFiT19 as the president of this international festival. In this interview you will get to know both him as well as The International Student Festival in Trondheim, ISFiT.


Who are You?
Master’s student at NTNU. From Australia.

What is ISFiT?
The International Student Festival in Trondheim. Every second year, we invite 500 students from all over the world for 10 days of workshops, debates, and parties. But behind all this is another 500 student volunteers here in Trondheim who make all the magic happen.

Who is the typical ISFiTer?
Wow that’s a tough one! We have such a diverse range of people in ISFiT and perhaps that’s its strength. The people you work with will challenge you. I’m constantly learning from the people around me. Perhaps the only “typical” thing about ISFiTers is that they are open minded.

How does it feel to be the president of ISFiT19?
Fun and scary in equal measures! If I was doing this by myself, I would probably loose sleep at night. But I know that I’m surrounded by the best team I could ask for and they’ve got my back.

What has been your funniest experience as president of ISFiT?
Getting emails addressed to “President Stewart”. Always makes me blush.

What has been the most challenging part of being the president of ISFiT?
Balancing time! Like most students who volunteer, it’s a constant juggling act between school, ISFiT and everything else in our lives. But at the end of the day, it’s worth it.

Why should new students at NTNU join ISFiT?
Our time in Trondheim is short. Our studies are important, but our experience as a student can be so much more. Take the time to get involved in student organisations. Of course, I’m going to say ISFiT is the best because it’s fun, meaningful, and looks great on your CV. But they’re all doing great work.


3 dilemmas: 

Music or podcast?
Music! Music is therapy for me. Some evenings, it’s nice to just unwind with Katy Perry.

Sushi or tacos?
Why has everything gotta be so black and white?! Give me a sushi filled taco, please.

Roadtrip or all inclusive? 
Road trip! I remember hitchhiking through Syria with a truck driver, Muhammad. He introduced me to his family and I ended up staying with them for a week. I don’t think they’re on TripAdvisor, but if they were, they’d get 5 stars from me for sure.


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